Wolfgang Nebel


Wolfgang Nebel, born 1956 in Wanne-Eickel, discovered photography as a means of expressing himself already at school. First there were the technical aspects that interested him, later the formal design and finally addressing specific projects. As co-founder of the still active "foto-ag" of the University of Hannover Wolfgang Nebel communicated intensively with contemporary photographers. He was in particular inspired by Heinrich Riebesehl, Michael Schmidt and Lee Friedlander, but also by earlier photographers, in particular Ansel Adams and through a personal aquaintance with Otto Umbehr, known as Umbo. During this period, among others black and white series on industrial workspace or the planting of the urban landscape.


Works of Wolfgang Nebel from this period have been shown in group exhibitions: of photo-ag:


"Eigene Arbeiten" - University of Hannover, November 1979


"Jahresausstellung" - University of Hannover, January 1981


Due to his professional activities Wolfgang Nebel has reduced his photographic commitment after completing his electrical engineering studies. The passion for photography has remained. The intensive professional involvement with computer science and communications motivated Wolfgang Nebel for the serie's "in | or | out" aspects of the change of our society to a society of digital information and communication. His work on this project have been shown in solo and group exhibitions:


Wolfgang Nebel "in | or | out "- NWZ-Galerie, Oldenburg June, 2015


Wolfgang Nebel "in | or | out "- Palais Rastede, Rastede September, 2015


"Mobile Only" - PH21 Gallery, Budapest, July, 2017


As an ongoing long term project Wolfgang Nebel captures special interesting locations, landscapes and situations as part of his continuously developing series "scenes".


In new large-scale works Wolfgang Nebel focusses on people in the public space in his project "public privacy". These are part of further exhibitions, together with the series "in | or | out" and "scenes", for example:


„Wolfgang Nebel - Photography" – Kunstmix Produzentengalerie im Schnoor | Kolpingstrasse 18 | 28195 Bremen, 29. January 29th until 24. February 24th 2017


„Wolfgang Nebel" - Schloss Evenburg | Am Schlosspark 26 | 26789 Leer | October 20, 2017 until January 10, 2018


„Social Media: Photographs by Wolfgang Nebel" - ARTi.G | An der Propstei 10 | 49377 Vechta | January 18, 2018 until March 22, 2018


"public privacy" photographs by Wolfgang Nebel – galerie@zentegra, 26135 Oldenburg, August 22  to  November 07, 2018


„The Parts and the Entire“ – Bürgerhaus Hemelingen, June 24 until June 27 2018


 “Anniversary Exhibition ARTi.G.“ Townhall Vechta, September 21 to October 12, 2018



 Wolfgang Nebel after working in the industry since 1993 is professor of computer engineering at the University of Oldenburg. from 2005 until 2020 chairman of the computing science institute OFFIS and since 2015 member of the Board edacentrum e.V., Hanover and invited member of acatech, the National Academy of Science and Engineering, since 2018 a member of the board of ITS-mobility e.V. and since 2019 member of the main board of Bitkom e.V. He is married to Ragnhild Nebel and has a daughter, the designer Jessica Nebel.