in | or | out

Wolfgang Nebel in | or | out Lyon 2015

Amongst others the comfortable availability and ubiquity of communication and information on the Internet - anywhere, anytime, anything - change our lives and our society. Distances are shrinking, the temporal density increases, we act simultaneously in parallel worlds. We see our world abstractly and distanced through virtual windows of a self-chosen capsule. From these we get fragments of information and try to orient ourselves. We can never be sure whether our conception of the world composed of such mosaic stones is close to reality or is the result of manipulations or of a self-chosen echo chamber. 

In photographs of his series "in | or | out " Nebel shows people who view the world out of protected comfort zones through windows. Further works of the series depict everyday situations, which have been fragmented by reflections, clippings and partial transparency, comparable to information snippets of the internet. The viewers are challenged to reconstruct the situations of the original setting. It remains open, whether the pictures in the viewers’ brains are realistic or not. 

The photographs were taken at different places all over the world, so that the globalization and partial interchangeability becomes another aspect of the work. To stay authentically all photographs of the series were taken with a smartphone.



A book is available on the project.