Concept public privacy

The Internet - in the form of the smartphone our constant companion - allows for omnipresence. I am here and at the same time somewhere else. I am in company and at the same time in dialogue with others quite elsewhere. Work and leisure merge - new degrees of freedom, or loss of concentration? Without attempting an assessment Nebel observed in his cycle "public privacy" people in the public. Usually there are groups in the train station, in the park, waiting for a tram or tourist at sights. Some are in dialogue, some also simply waiting calmly, but many also in the dialogue with invisible third parties somewhere in the Internet. Is it a love affair with which is flirted, is it the boss, the colleague, a quick purchase on the Internet? Everything is quite public, and yet secret, perhaps private, perhaps piquant or quite banal. It is possible that the presence of the general public sometimes gives a special thrill.


 The work was photographed in high resolution, to enable the viewer to gain voyeuristic insights according to the "public" aspect.