traces of change


The works show huge the landscape shaping constructions which no longer are needed for their original purpose. Some are reused for a new benefit, values are being created, examples are Berlin Tempelhof Cityairport which after having been closed for air traffic, now is open to public as a large recreational area, the Oldenburg Airbase which now is a large photovoltaic field and is being developed to become a smart city or former brown coal mines which are being converted to natural resorts. Others cannot be reused due to their structure, an example is Bremen submarine bunker Valentin, which was built during World War II by thousands of forced workers, was never used and still is a landmark in an otherwise pleasant recreational area. Members of a third group are constructions of historical importance which could be fully dismantled, however shall serve as a memorial for the current and future generations. An example is the German-German border, with checkpoints, walls, and razor wires. The last category in my project includes technical or architectural constructions, which at the end of their usefulness are replaced by better constructions. Examples are a lifting bridge at Berne, which is replaced by a new construction, or office buildings in Frankfurt, the outer walls of which are maintained to keep at least partially the urban image of the 60s, while constructing a completely new and state of the art inner building within the old outer walls. 

The photographs have not been exhibited yet. They are taken in very high resolution (80 to 100 Megapixel) and are best presented in very large format, e.g. 2.5 Meters width. The large format color images are supplemented by smaller black and white documentary photographs.